:: Coaching Tool Collection, - Discontinued product – only available until stock lasts! - Alt + 010 The „Coaching Tool Collection“ by Prof. Dr. Sabine Remdisch and Barbara Reif is based on the joint developed coaching crystal modell – a modell for value based support and collaboration in the coaching process. The collection provides a compilation of exercises based on that modell. Every exercise is explained in detail on a card and contains suggestions to matching visualization tools. Alt + 010 The coaching tools have both eye-appeal and are made of high quality (natural) materials. They are supplied in a carefully designed attractive felt satchel that opens out to provide a suitable pocket for the neat storage of each and every tool. Alt + 010 The coaching concept The Coaching Tool Collection (CTC) has been developed on the basis of a tried-and-tested coaching model . This model - is clearly structured around a core of six so-called 'crystallisation points' (factors that determine the efficacy of coaching) and is thus readily comprehensible thanks to the focus on these factors - is premised on scientific evidence - has already been successfully employed in practice for many years - is used by both coach and coachee as the shared basis for activities to which both can commit at the start of coaching - facilitates the work of the coach and makes apparent to the coachee the approach being used by the coach - ensures that the coach knows what structure to use and which factors are important for the success of coaching - ensures that the coachee knows what the coach is doing and what coaching involves - helps coach and coachee together define topics and priorities (using the crystallisation points) for coaching and to work through these in practical coaching sessions Alt + 010 For more information, please go to: Alt + 010 Rapid and easy access to essential information The booklet has been designed to provide rapid and easy access to fundamental information for coaches. The booklet, in A5 format, contains texts in shortened, practice-orientated form and references to other helpful literature. The booklet has a total of 60 pages (30 in English and 30 in German) Alt + 010 Practical aids for coaching model implementation; CTC drills on cards - Each coaching drill is allocated to a specific factor/crystallisation point of the model and thus the coaching topics. There are five drills for each factor and each drill focuses on the subjects of: - the individual - other persons in the same (work) environment - the team - Each coaching drill is identically and systematically structured - The instructions are self-explanatory - The A5 format cards are easy to use and can be readily adapted to different situations Alt + 010 The coaching tools provide for a comprehensive overview of the coaching procedure The tools - are both appealing to the sight and touch, as is the CTC satchel - make sure all senses are involved in the coaching process (head - heart - hand) - can be used for the predefined drills or even for other drills - serve as symbols for the coachee Alt + 010 Technical details: Bag, gray: foldable, closeable with leather strap Material: polyester felt, 2mm Dimension: ca. 42,5 x 27 x 6 cm / 16,73 x 10,63 x 2,36 in Alt + 010 Scope of delivery : One booklet containing essential information on the crystal coaching model (30 pages in English, 30 pages in German) 30 tool cards, each with five drills for each of the six crystallisation points (English/German) 16 round bars (red, yellow, green, blue, 4 pcs. each) 3 paracords (red, green, blue) 1 mini ruler 18 tokens (14 mm, 15 mm, 19 mm, each green, blue, red) 1 large crystal 9 small crystals 4 disks with plus/minus sides (25 mm, 40 mm) 16 dice (ecru, black) 6 wooden bullets (20 mm) 6 wooden rings (34 mm diameter) 1 SketchOne (0,3 mm) 2 paper clips (black)
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